Zambian Women: A Detriment To Themselves?

Zambian Women: A Detriment To Themselves?

It’s a feeding frenzy out here.  Women devouring other women’s dignities with such viciousness and disregard for privacy it is driving victims to suicide.

By this time, we have all heard about or seen the video of a Lusaka woman in her glorious beauty, proud of and confident in her nudity showing off her body.  And yet this private video has gotten the entire country and diaspora buzzing with ferocious anger.  How dare this woman show us her Vagina!   Not surprisingly, the weight of the anger is from other women, because let’s face it, how many men would recoil at a woman’s nudity with the Triangle of Life on full display.  It’s other women who are body shaming this woman in particular and others who express themselves with their bodies. These cyber bullies are like hungry hyenas crouching behind their keyboards waiting for fresh meat to drop.

Question: Why would a heterosexual woman view Nudies of other women and pass Vagina commentary?

I am sure many of you who are outspoken over this video accept such indignities as physical, emotional and sexual abuse from the men in your lives, yet you don’t make audio tapes about it to express your anger.  You have accepted being disenfranchised in your homes and communities. Your girl children are being molested by relatives, being impregnated by older men etcetera yet your only anger is over an adult woman’s choice to show her Vagina.

You are hypocrites, well put together in your Brazilian weaves and matte lipsticks and yet your minds are still in grass thatched huts crucifying progressive women pa Nsaka, thwarting your own empowerment.  A decent woman will not insult and degrade her Sister’s womanhood.  Only a perverse ignorant woman would shred another woman in the manner that Zambian women are going on about it.  When a sister woman has fallen, we should all surround and cover her with Chitenjes and help her up, we must never point and ridicule.  Don’t judge lest you be judged! Stop these attacks on other women. It is nefarious, hurtful and sinful.

  Question: What are you achieving by destroying another woman who has not done anything to you?

The vagina is a woman’s crown, her own precious jewel.  Whether it’s Brown, Mahogany, Yellow, big, small, hairy or shaven it is beautiful.  There’s no standard of beauty or comparison, they are all delicate flowers, God’s most amazing creation.  It’s every woman’s prerogative to show off her crown jewel to the world or to keep it under wraps.  If your sister has the confidence to show off her crown, why should it anger you?  If the crown was meant to be hidden and be a shameful thing, God would have chosen another method of procreation and passage of new life.

Have you ever heard of Mama Julia Chikamoneka?  She helped Zambia gain independence when she mobilized other women and they matched in full nudity outside Colonial Governor Evelyn Hone’s office in Lusaka.  In Hone’s own words he confessed that when he looked out that window and saw those naked women, he knew it was time for the British to get out.  That video of our naked foremothers fighting for our freedom was more dignified than Kaunda himself holding up our flag on the night of 24th October 1964.

Wake up Sisters, unless you can stand up together and hold each other up, the dignity you deserve will forever elude you.

By Nubian Princess