CB PF MPs Shun Party’s Lufwanyama Fundraiser

CB PF MPs Shun Party’s Lufwanyama Fundraiser

COPPERBELT PF members of parliament on Saturday shunned the party’s fundraising braii for Lufwanyama graced by secretary general Davis Mwila. But a PF source has revealed that the members of parliament, especially those that were not ministers, have complained about contributing a lot to the party. The PF in Lufwanyama district held a fundraising braii at Mindolo dam in Kitwe.

However, PF Copperbelt MPs, save for Kalulushi MP Mulenga Kampamba who is also livestock minister, shunned the event.

“The problem is that we are contributing a lot and we don’t know where the money is going. Just recently, we contributed for the construction of the provincial office in Ndola but to date nothing is happening. We have constituencies which we need to look after. People who voted for us are waiting for us. So it is better the funds are channelled to the constituency so that the general people can benefit,” a source said.

In addressing the PF officials, Mwila said he would not tolerate indiscipline.

“And all those who are not loyal to the President shall be flushed out of the party. Politics by its very nature is an expensive undertaking and for any party to grow, it must have a clear strategy on resource mobilisation. It must be made very clear that without resources, a party cannot survive.
As chief executive officer of the party, I shall not tolerate any form of theft or misapplication of party funds. Anyone that will be found misusing party resources shall be charged and penalised,” Mwila said.

“As a party in power, we must take the lead and be an example to everyone that we mean what his Excellency, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu stands for when he directs that under the Patriotic Front, there shall be zero tolerance to corruption.”

Mwila said it was the duty and responsibility of the party structures across the nation to come up within resource fundraising initiatives while mobilising the party. He reiterated that politics was voluntary and anyone who does not want to work with the leadership of the party at all levels does not mean well and should not be allowed anywhere near the structures of the party.

And Mwila said mining companies on the Copperbelt and North Western provinces should rally behind and support government’s position on mining royalties and the newly introduced Sales Tax. He said the decision to review the mining taxation was a Cabinet position.

Mwila contributed K50,000 cash, while Copperbelt youth chairman, who is also Luanshya mayor Nathan Chanda purchased the Presidential Portrait, which was paged at K20,000.00 on top of his K10, 000.00 pledge.

Mulenga contributed K10,000 and Copperbelt provincial Chairperson Stephen Kainga made a K10,000 donation.