October 4, 2018

Zambian DNA is appalled that Mangango constituency, like many other constituencies in Western and other Provinces in Zambia, lags behind in development because opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) refuse to work with Government in delivering development in their respective constituencies.

Yet MPs represent interests of their respective constituencies to Government, coordinate and facilitate developmental projects.

They also serve as liaison officers between the Executive arm of Government and the Legislature in their respective constituencies.

However, opposition MPs have deliberately chosen to play politics of expedience by accusing Government of failing to take development to Western Province when they fully know their role in the development process.

Further, it’s sheer hypocrisy for the opposition MPs to keep peddling falsehood against a working PF Government when they are alive to the facts that pushed Western Province into the current situation.

Indeed, some of the said MPs, who had even previously held key positions in MMD government, lamentably failed to usher development in that Province.

The PF Government is the first ever Government in Zambia’s history to have rolled out a robust and all -inclusive development agenda in Western Province and all parts of the country.

Western Province has had its share of infrastructure development in these seven years the PF has been in power: The Mongu-Kalabo road, new health posts, schools, the multi million US Dollar cashew nut project and other public facilities have been constructed as well as the creation of new districts, which has brought government services closer to the people.

We urge the people of Western and other Provinces not to elect members of parliament whose political parties are hostile to government and to realize that unless their elected representatives work with Government they would not expect development in their respective areas.

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