Vespers! Vespers! Chanda weeps

Vespers! Vespers! Chanda weeps

Vespers! Vespers! Chanda weeps


The death of University of Zambia student Vespers Shamunzhila has bitter lessons to learn, says the distraught United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia(UPPZ) leader Charles Chanda.
Mr Chanda paid his heart felt condolences to the late Vespers’ family by reading out an emotional poem.
A trigger happy policeperson fired a tear gas canister to the UNZA female

dormitory to fish out protesting students in the process suffocating Vespers to death.
Instead of condemning the police action, president Edgar Lungu has asked the same culprits to investigate each other, a move that has been described as a futile in impossibility.
Speaking when he attended the funeral, Mr Chanda said Vespers’ death was unfortunate.
In his emotion touching poem, Mr Chanda said: ”

Vespers! Vespers! you have left a dark cloud that should not have been.
Vespers! professors and intellectuals saw an intellectual being in you but low minds of political police cadre saw an opposition cadre in you, who needed to be sorted out.

Vespers! Vespers! your friends screamed but forces that came for your life continued to spread the tear gas that took your life.

Vespers! Vespers! your death made those who had willingly refused to pay students’ meal allowances, to release the money that you will never use.

Vespers, Vespers! you saw police that had no heart or skills for policing. Though your eyes could not clearly see your killers, your heart will forever see them from beyond the skys.

Vespers! Vespers! great minds converted you into a great intellectual being but those that have no hearts for students have made you to be with those that are dead.

Vespers!Vespers! your meal allowance will forever be in that account nobody sees the money but only Government sees.

We are saddened and saying we release you, there is a land that is fairer than day and by faith we can see it far. For the father waits over the way. Time is coming when will sing; Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King. It is appointed that once you die after that judgement.

May your soul rest in peace, Vespers, you will forever be loved and be remembered.”

And speaking later, Mr Chanda said as Vespers is put to rest, there is no need to focus on the causes of her death but to release her in peace.
He said there are many lessons to learn from Vespers death.
Mr Chanda said Vespers death has nothing to do with politics but that it has everything to do with those charged with responsibility to release the meal allowance on time.
“I have followed life in campus, especially Government institutions. I mean there is a budget, Government has decided to give the students USD 2 per day, that is what they have decided , it is there in the budget. Why should it take a riot to release money. When did a riot become a bank check? But that is the Government that we have. They always wait for that bank check in the street with stones with police that is when they release. That is how you can tell that this country is not in good hands. It shouldn’t be like that. It is something that you really can’t understand because Government cannot claim there is no money, money is there. The problem is this thing of shuffling money. Money meant for this, tomorrow you shift it this side and that has been a trend and we need to overcome that trend,” he said.
He begged that politics be removed from the students if calm is to be returned in universities.
“We don’t want politics in our students. Let them finish their studies without political interference. We don’t want political parties in learning institutions because this is compromising the lives of our students. If they want to be political, let it be hidden. You cannot come up and say we want the political parties to rule the university, that must be put to an end. We want our students when they come here, they focus on their studies.
He said the Minister of Higher Education does not care because her biological children are not at University of Zambia.
“You have leaders who do not have a heart for the students in the country and what I am saying that is this should not be allowed,” he said.

Mr Chanda said the Constitution of Zambia has given the students a voice which is the students’ union.
Mr Chanda insisted that nature has a way of releasing pressure, saying even the Earth cannot contain pressure.