Dancing And Sweating Shamelessly At Political Rallies Is Not For Me – Bflow

Dancing And Sweating Shamelessly At Political Rallies Is Not For Me – Bflow

I’m disappointed to learn that some New York-based Zambians feel that our involvement in the fight for justice for Vespers Shimuzhila is politically motivated.

This simply shows the extent to which politics has brainwashed many of our people who now believe that anyone who challenges any bad elements in our national system is anti-government.

Some of our people in the diaspora left Zambia over fifteen years ago and are never accurately aware of the country’s affairs today.

I have never been concerned about the agendas of political parties because the fact is that none of them can exist without human capital.

I would rather spend my time promoting human rights and the welfare of women, children and youth than shamelessly dancing and sweating at political rallies just to promote someone seeking political office who might not even remember me after attaining their victory.

My role is to promote peace before, during and after elections as well as to exercise my right to vote. Anyone who knows the name B’Flow will tell you that I do not participate in partisan politics because I respect my fans and I do not wish to divide them. For me, humanity will always come before politics, hence I cannot be silent in order to please you, especially when a life has been lost. Apo pena mubepelefye.

Had it been your child who died in such circumstances, would you still say what you are saying?

The mentality of painting people black just because they choose to speak for the voiceless must come to an end. Yes we know that in Africa cadre-ism is in fashion, but let us also accept that not everyone will be a cadre.

If you choose to be a cadre, well and good but please do not blindly support everything even if it entails violation of human rights. Be a good cadre for the sake of future generations and for the good of your country. Do not lose your love for humanity in the name of being a supporter. A bad cadre is one who fails to acknowledge that losing a child is a great loss to parents and that losing a student is a great loss to the country because it affects the economy.

A bad cadre never realizes the negative effects of high taxes on the lives of ordinary citizens or the effects of high fuel prices on the prices of essential commodities.

A good cadre is one who tells his leaders the truth in order to effect positive change and development. A good cadre is a good citizen because he or she knows that the survival of the poor is dependent on equal distribution of wealth or economic freedom coupled with peace, respect for the rule of law and justice for all.

The same way I denounce violence against women and girls is the same way I can never encourage students to be violent in their quest to demand their meal allowances.

My concern is the loss of life. Someone has died for crying out loud.

Anyone who thinks our non-violent #JusticeForVespers campaign is anti-government is an enemy of progress.

Any well meaning Zambian who cares about the development of our country will agree with me that both police brutality and the stoning of innocent citizens’ vehicles by students must be condemned. Furthermore, anyone who loves Zambia must demand accountability and justice over the death of 20 year old Vespers, because no human being deserves to die in such a manner.

You cannot understand the pain of a Zambian if you do not live in Zambia. For this reason, let us be objective in the way we comment on issues affecting Zambia and desist from politicizing every good cause. Napita.



4 Responses to "Dancing And Sweating Shamelessly At Political Rallies Is Not For Me – Bflow"

  1. Ewa   October 10, 2018 at 11:22 am

    Calm down mwaiche. you sound more like a silent cadre. Why didn’t you also condemn how Dora was treated at the funeral? Hypocrite.

  2. Alube   October 10, 2018 at 1:39 pm

    He is just another useless and shameless musician who is jealousy of his competitors. their music can sell acros all ages and countywide

  3. Zedian   October 10, 2018 at 2:18 pm

    The has already hate some cadres.. Well said Bflow

  4. Mosquito   October 11, 2018 at 12:43 pm

    Well said my brother, other people are very bitter because their means of survival is being cadres and boot lickers. They will be told to kill and they will kill. They will be told to dance and they will dance and they will be told to hate their own brothers and sisters and they will hate. So just leave them kaili niba nkonka mupulo, even when things are wrong they will keep saying its politics, tukane nokusosa.