Use of Teargas In Confined Space Is Prosecutable – Sakwiba

Use of Teargas In Confined Space Is Prosecutable – Sakwiba

Constitutional lawyer Sakwiba Sikota says the use of teargas by Police during last week’s riot at the University of Zambia (UNZA) is prosecutable under the Zambian laws.

Mr. Sikota says this is if indeed police officers fired teargas in confined hostel rooms at the university during the fracas.

In an interview with Q-News, Mr. Sikota states that there will be need for police officers deployed to quell the riot to explain how the teargas canisters ended up in the students’ hostels.

He states that if police officers intentionally fired teargas canisters in order that they enter the hostels, such action is criminally prosecutable.

Mr Sikota says this means prosecuting the police officers that fired the teargas canisters and their superiors who ordered them to do so.

Mr. Sikota says much as riots are violent and usually result in bloodshed, it is unreasonable for any police officer to fired teargas canisters in a confined room with people inside.

He has since stated that both those who used excessive force during the riot and those who instigated the riot must all be made accountable.