Civil Servants Betray Lungu

October 11, 2018

Some civil servants who are supposed to implement Government policies and programmes have betrayed the Republican President for failing to do so.

Yet the Head of State is often blamed because civil servants perform their duties on his behalf.

For example, President Lungu is being accused by his detractors of not doing enough to fight the alleged misuse of public funds and of having departed from PF’s pro-poor policies.

However, President Lungu has demonstrated his intolerant stance against misuse of public funds and donors’ aid by suspending or firing those suspected to be culprits of the said allegations.

President Lungu, unlike other Presidents in the past, has acted on those cited in the Auditor-General’s report by asking them to step aside to facilitate investigations into the allegations of abuse of public funds and donors’ aid.

President Lungu has also demonstrated his tacit commitment to PF’s pro-poor policies by introducing a number of citizens’ empowerment initiatives.

Zambian DNA is of the view that the role of Civil servant is to implement Government policies and programmes on behalf of the Republican President ,and not to frustrate Government‘s pro-poor programmes meant to uplift the welfare of the Zambian people.

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