I Met Maria Through Farming Activities- Mr Justine Phiri


I have been compelled to respond to negative media reports regarding the state of my marriage. My marriage has been facing challenges for a long time. I am a private citizen not seeking any publicity, that as it maybe, the state of my marriage has received media publicity it being print, electronic and social media.

Regrettably an innocent person named Ms Maria Zileni Zaloumis(Ms Zaloumis) has been dragged into the media frenzy. I never met Ms Zaloumis through my wife and being a farmer I have met her through farming activities.

Several media houses have been casting aspersion and scandalizing her over a situation in which she is innocent. Ms Zaloumis has been used as a scapegoat over a matter in which she has played no part and is innocent. My relationship with MS Zaloumis is strictly professional and must be treated as such.

Further I have a young daughter who is negatively been impacted by the adverse media reports.
My appeal to the media is to stop the unwarranted attack on the state of my marriage and allow for the process for the issue to be dealt privately.
Thank you.

Meanwhile, here is a message sent from Mubaba to her husband this morning:

“Morning..kindly desist from bringing food items to this house …or giving food to Jemimah…send money for groceries and if jemimah wants lunch send money.. Our safety is compromised coz you are an accomplice with someone who linched an attack On us..that’s you came With her to the police yesterday… Jemimah is not safe around you..visit her in the confines of her home..or I’ll issue a restraining order against you….. Take this with caution I will not repeat myself.”

Maria left, Mubaba right