Mumbi Says Kambwili Apology Is Mockery to God

Mumbi Says Kambwili Apology Is Mockery to God

PF iron lady Mumbi Phiri says Chishimba Kambwili’s apology was a mockery to God.

“A sin which you know you are committing deliberately is just like mockery to God. For example I know that the Bible says ‘you shouldn’t kill, you shouldn’t commit adultery, you shouldn’t steal’ but deliberately I go and do those things then I ask for forgiveness, that’s mocking God! But what has surprised me is for Honourable Nalumango to start politicking over that when she has been abused by Kambwili herself. It’s very unfortunate. Kambwili should even count himself lucky because if it was me he called a witch, I was going to take him to court. Even if he said ‘let us go and reconcile because we are Catholics let’s go to the Priest’, I wouldn’t agree. I would tell him to prove, because now this is what people are now doing, they will accuse someone falsely and then run to the Church afterwards for forgiveness; it’s not fair,” said Mumbi.

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  1. Jonny   October 25, 2018 at 9:25 am

    This woman is ugly, like a monkey