ZIBSIP Will Not Re-Open Next Year’

ZIBSIP Will Not Re-Open Next Year’

Government  will not allow the Zambia Institute of Business and Industrial Practice (ZIBSIP) to re-open if management does not improve sanitary conditions at the institution, Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo has said. Professor Luo, who inspected sanitary conditions at the institution, was disappointed with the situation and urged management to improve sanitation.

Currently, 35 students are sharing one ablution built close to the dormitories. The bathrooms are often flooded with water spills causing a strong stench at students’ hostels. Prof. Luo wondered why management has not addressed the problem of poor sanitation at the institution.
“I am short of words. I am extremely disappointed with the state in which the hostels are,” Prof Luo said.

She said she will be forced to issue a directive to management not to re-open the institution next year if the state of affairs remains the same.
She said there is need for management to create a conducive environment for students so that they could perform well in their studies.

Prof Luo also said she is considering setting up a board to oversee operations of all learning institutions in the country because most of the board members are not effective. She said having a board at each institution is a waste of resources and that having only one could help Government to use resources that are spent to pay board members to other areas of interest.

The institution has been closed because of poor sanitary condition which have existed for sometime