Drug Trafficking Accused Claims DEC Took His Sex Boosters

Drug Trafficking Accused Claims DEC Took His Sex Boosters

A DRUG trafficking accused has claimed Drug Enforcement Commission officers seized his sex boosters locally known as Bvubwe when they searched his house for drugs. This is the case where Timothy Zulu, 49, of Mtalalika village in chief Sairi’s area is charged with trafficking in 28.7 kilogrammes of marijuana.

After DEC senior investigations officer Maxwell Nkonde testified in the matter yesterday, Zulu in cross-examination asked whether “the African medicine” which they got were also part of the drugs they were looking for. Nkonde said he did not know anything about the African medicine that Zulu was talking about. When senior resident magistrate Boniface Mwala asked Zulu what Bvubwe was all about, the accused said it was African medicine used by men, which he inherited from his parents.

“Ananitengela Bvubwe yokwanila half kg yomwe ninali kugwilitsa ntchito, tsono nifunsa kuti kodi nayonso ni chamba (They got my sex boosters, weighing half a kg that I was using. My question is, is it marijuana also)?” he asked.

Zulu accused DEC officers of having seized Panado, caffeine and a number of things which were not part of the things they were looking for. But Nkonde said he was not aware of other seized properties that Zulu was talking about because he was not a seizing officer. Earlier, Nkonde told the court that Zulu had been on the DEC wanted list for alleged drug trafficking for two years and that he had been eluding DEC officers. He said on August 30, 2018 while in the company of other DEC officers Hussein Khan and Mtanuka Ngalama, he went to Zulu’s house after getting information that he was at home.

Nkonde said they searched Zulu’s house and found a bag of loose cannabis while other drugs were found in the grocery. He said they also seized a motorbike registration number ARB 2476 which the accused was using to deliver drugs to potential clients. Magistrate Mwala adjourned the matter to November 8, 2018 for continuation of trial.