October 31, 2018

Zambian DNA is extremely shocked that some comedians masquerading as politicians have described President Edgar Lungu as a dramatist using Sata’s name to stay in power when in fact not.

Contrary to the UPND’s vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s assertions that President Lungu is a tribalist, a dictator, and one who has betrayed late President Michael Sata’s vision, President Lungu is a nationalist, and a democrat who has carried on Sata’s vision.

In fact, President Lungu has made great strides in building a nation anchored on ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION ever since he was first elected as Republican President in 2015.

Further, President Lungu presides over an all-inclusive Cabinet with members drawn from all ten Provinces.

President has also appointed persons from different tribes on merit as heads of Government agencies and State –enterprises.

The Head of State tolerates criticism, even hard-hitting criticism, upholds the rule of law, respects the freedom of expression and the media and practices an open -door policy.

In fact, President Lungu is the one who is pulling down walls of segregation, injustice and lawlessness as evidenced by a number of citizens empowerment initiatives tailored to improve the livelihoods of the poor and vulnerable people in our society.

More so, President has demonstrated a tacit commitment to promote intra-party democracy, and reconciliation within the ruling Party given a large number of high profile politicians who are rejoining the Party.

However, UPND vice President GBM is a known hardcore tribalist who has not only been issuing inflammatory statements meant to divide the ruling Party and the nation, but also using Sata’sa name to regain his dwindling political fortunes.

We are also alive to the fact that GBM has joined forces with disgruntled elements that have fallen out of favour with President Lungu to fight the Head of State.

In view of the foregoing, we urge the Zambian people to dismiss GBM’s lies with the utmost disgust and contempt they deserve, and rally behind the tested and trusted leadership of President Lungu as he means well for this country.

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