Tamarind Does Not Cure HIV – ZAMRA

Tamarind Does Not Cure HIV – ZAMRA

The Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) has advised people living with HIV to stick to the anti-retroviral therapy (art) as prescribed by qualified medical personnel.

Reacting to reports that some people living with the HIV are abandoning ARVS in preference for Tamarind which is said to be curing the Virus, ZAMRA Public Relations Officer Rudovic Mwape says the general public should realize that tamarind has not been approved anywhere as being a cure for HIV.

Mr. Mwape says it is wrong for people to insinuate that the tamarind fruit can cure HIV stating that the wild fruit can only supplement other body requirements just like all fruits do.

He says with the anti retro-viral therapy, there is evidence that it can prolong lives of those living with the virus.

Tamarind is wild sourly fruit that is commonly found in the southern region of Zambia and has lately been a common household name with most people soaking it in water and drinking the water as it is believed to have a multi medicinal properties.