Patriotic Front’s Electoral Malpractice In Mangango Mounts



United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) is concerned about the Patriotic Front’s continued indulgence in electoral malpractice again but this time in Mangango Constituency ahead of the by-election slated for 20 th November 2018.

UPPZ President Charles Chanda has seriously observed that the Patriotic Front is abusing state institutions such as the Zambia Police and District Commissioners, Council workers who are fully involved in campaigns.

“The PF is using police vehicles to deliver food in the campaign camps.

And the District Commissioners within the province have left their civic duties to a desperate campaign for PF candidate and the Council Secretaries including council workers are not left out”

To this end, the UPPZ President has given the Patriotic Front a twelve hours ultimatum to withdraw the DCs, Council Chairpersons from campaigning in Mangango Constituency.

“This is a clear breach of electoral code of conduct by the PF.

And as if this is not enough at a time the country is in huge debt crisis the PF has paid K15,000 and a promise of K50,000 after the by-election to the nine unsuccessful candidates in Mangango Constituency adoption for fear of being decampaigned.

The money is at play here, the tax payers money.

But the money will not change anything it is too late since the nine were not adopted.

Otherwise this is a loss because the nine unsuccessful candidates have no influence on the people of Mangango.

We can proudly say UPPZ is on top of things” Chanda said.

The UPPZ President has insisted that PF is in panic mode and using state machinery to avoid humiliating defeat.

Mr Chanda adds that this is evident by government’s installation of village satellite TV project.

Meanwhile, the desperate Patriotic Front almost run into the UPPZ entourage that included President Charles Chanda’s vehicle in Mangango.

” As UPPZ campaign team was coming back from the campaign in Mangango to Kaoma District. The PF vehicle suddenly appeared and almost bashed into the vehicle of UPPZ President Charles Chanda.

The incident was avoided by the alert UPPZ President’ s driver.

The driver avoided the vehicle of PF thugs and stopped on the other side of the road.

The PF thugs then cursed and hurled insults at President Chanda”.

And Mr Chanda has warned the PF to stop the violent behavior for the last time.

He adds that his party has capacity to organise the villagers and declare a no go area for PF.

” But we cannot do that because our party is civilised. Mr Chanda said.

He further noted that the locals do not cause violence in the area adding that the PF is in the habit to ferry violent cadres from other places.

Mr Chanda further disclosed that UPPZ is the only party to have introduced it’s candidate to Chief Matondo stating that he was born and bred in Mangango.

“Our candidate Kabindama Chingumbe as a local person knows the challenges of the people in Mangango and will deliver development to change their livelihood” Mr Chanda stated.

He further says that Chief Matondo is grateful that the people of Mangango would be represented in Parliament by some one who understands their problems.

Issued by
UPPZ National Spokesperson
*Francis Kope*