Charles Chanda Challenges The Cancellation Of Opposition Political Party Campaigns In Mangango

United Prosperuos and Peaceful Zambia(UPPZ) leader Charles Chanda is wondering why the Patriotic Front(PF) Government through the Zambia Police Service are usurping powers of the Electoral Commission of Zambia(ECZ) by ordering the cancellation of opposition political party campaigns Mangango by- election from the 15th November to pave way for the campaign trail of the PF hierarchy.

And Mr Chanda is shocked that the all entire police, including the “Kamfinsa boy” have been deployed to Mangango ahead of the by-election.

Speaking from Mangango Constituency in Kaoma District of Western Province, Mr. Chanda questioned the motive behind the Zambia Police Service cancelling the campaigns.

He said it is unfortunate that the police have assumed the role of the election body.
“Yesterday, we were called by the officer- in- charge at Mangango Central Police who informed us that we need to suspend campaigns from the 15th of November because the Vice President will be coming for two days then the President together with his Cabinet will follow. I find this kind of reasoning very awkward and backwards. How can Government instruct us to stop campaigning from the 15th when campaigning officially closes on the 19th? it doesn’t make sense. I believe whoever issued that directive does not know the mandate of the ECZ. ECZ has declared that campaigns will end on the 19th of November at 19 00hrs. Who can discard what ECZ has declared?Who is managing the elections? Is it the PF or ECZ? we are saying no to this barbaric thinking, where PF wants to use intimidation,” Mr Chanda said.

He vowed that UPPZ will defy the dictatorial directive and go ahead with the campaigns as declared by the election body.

“We are going to continue campaigning till the 19th of November. If the police are not going to protect us, villagers have vowed to protect us. We will campaign in areas where the President will not be. The Vice President cannot stop us from campaigning. The President is not omniscient that he can be in all places. We are saying, can we stop this dictatorship that is spreading like cancer in every department,” he said.
The opposition leader suspected that the police are trying to cook up serious offense by issuing such a barbaric directive.
“Do they want to create a treason case for us, as UPPZ? We will do that which is right and as far as we are concerned, so many police officers have come including Kamfinsa, are here. Are they here to protect PF or to protect citizens? We are saying no to these instructions. We will continue campaigning. If it means dying for Mangango, we are prepared to die for the people of Mangango,” Mr Chanda vowed.

Issued by: UPPZ Media Team