Our Loyalty Is With Gounasse-Shibuchinga Royal Family

Press statement for immediate release.



Our royalty and support is with Mr Abdoulaye Ndiaye.

Following the article in the daily news paper of 28th November 2018 on seizure of his assets, as residents of Lufwanyama we want to pledge our support to Mr Abdoulaye Ndiaye because he has a heart for the people of Zambia unlike his Israelite partners who are bent on reaping where they did not sow.
We want to encourage Mr Abdoulaye Ndiaye not to be shaken because we are behind him and will support him all the way.
Every one in the Lufwanyama emerald area and surrounding communities know where Mr Abdoulaye Ndiaye is coming from before becoming an emerald guru.
He has built his investment from the scratch.
We are not going to allow his partners who he brought in to hijack what he has fully labored for in building his estates through hard work.
We are in consultation with their royal highnesses they are behind Mr Ndiaye from this cruel curtail of grabbing the company that supports a lot of Zambians especially in Lufwanyama.
The man has done a lot and we are going to be behind him because he supports communities and the vulnerable in society.
The Israelites since they came in they stopped all the corporate social responsibilities done by Grizzly mining,stopped support for the association which is the only mouth piece for emerald miners and started torturing Zambians.
We are going to make sure that their stay at Gemcanton is frustrated until they leave.
We are proud of Mr Abdoulaye Ndiaye’s investment because its African and resources remain in Africa particularly Zambia and Senegal.
We are not going to betray our blood because of foreign judgement which is not for the interest of Africans.
We have the right to Lufwanyama and our Royal highnesses are custodians of the land so the Israelites should be mindful of the overthrow they want to conduct at Gemcanton.
We will mobilise ourselves against them.
Our man in this fight is Abdoulaye Ndiaye and we will. Stop at nothing but to support him to the logical conclusion.
We need investors who mean well for Zambians and have the heart for Zambians.

Victor Kalesha
Shibuchinga royal family representative