Show No Mercy To Difilers,Says Gender Minister

GENDER Minister Elizabeth Phiri has warned stern action against women who shield their husbands and partners in sexual and Gender Based Violence cases (SGBV) involving Children.
The Gender Minister noted that it is saddening that some women opt to protect marriages at the expense of their children being defiled and abused by either their husbands or intimate partners.
“Most of these defilement cases happen in homes by known family members but it is unfortunate that such cases are reported when a child is impregnated or infected with diseases,” Mrs. Phiri noted.
Reacting to the incident where a 13-year-old girl who was allegedly defiled and impregnated by her step-father in Lusaka’s Mtendere Township, Ms Phiri observed that the defiled girl could be undergoing emotional and physical trauma without being noticed by a mother who lives under the same roof.
“A child who is abused can easily be noticed especially by a mother but some women tend to keep quiet for fear of losing their partners and marriages,” she observed.
However, the Gender Minister has rescued the girl from the abusive home and was taken to the University Teaching hospital (UTH) for treatment and also took time to visit another 14-year- old defilement victim who was admitted at the country’s largest health institution.
Meanwhile, Ms Phiri is worried with the recent report of the increased cases of defilement reported by the Police.
Police recorded 664 defilement cases in the third quarter of 2018 compared to 416 in the same period in 2017.
Mrs. Phiri urged communities to ensure that they report SGBV cases as soon as they occur so that in case of diseases, children could be treated early.
She has called for concerted efforts from relevant stakeholders to interrogate the reasons behind the increase of vices so as to establish interventions to be implemented to fight SGBV cases.
“The increase in the number of defilement cases can either be attributed to more people reporting cases or that the incidences are on the rise and it is important that various stakeholders come together and study the matter. I therefore urge women movements to consider embarking on sensitizing communities on sexual violence and report any suspicious persons to police,” Mrs. Phiri urged.
And the Zambian National Men’s Network has charged that castration is the only solution to stop sexual violence against innocent girls.
Zambian National Men’s Network National Coordinator Nelson Banda stated that the two defilement incidences are just a tip of the iceberg regarding the extent at which the violent crimes against girls have reached in the country.
Mr. Banda observed that there is need to change legislation in dealing with crimes against innocent girls and women as the lives of the two girls have been severely ruined by the irresponsible men.
“We therefore call for legislation to allow for castration of defilers and rapists as this will be permanent and ex-convicts will never engage in the crime again even after serving their long term jail sentences. The Zambian National Men’s Network feels that it is high time perpetrators are castrated as a deterrent measure as sexual violence inflicts pain including death on the victim and severe stress on their families,” Mr. Banda observed.
The Network has further urged Parliament to enact a piece of Legislation to castrate Men involved in the vices.
Mr. Banda noted that many organisations have carried out sensitization activities to create awareness about the dangers of sexual violence but perpetrators have continued defiling children, saying that there is a serious problem in the country which needs a radical approach to address the scourge.
“As an organisation, we will petition Members of Parliament after collecting 1000 signatures from members of the public to support the proposed pieces of legislation and we have no doubt our law- makers will rise to the challenge and act for the preservation of the girl-child and women,” Mr. Banda noted.