Statement On Double Standards By Some Politicians

December 1, 2018

Zambian DNA is greatly concerned on how some politicians have exhibited double standards whenever the long- arm of the law finds them on the wrong side.

Indeed, the said politicians in an alliance with media outlets hostile to Government have not only cried foul, condemned the Police who are duty-bound to maintain law and order, threw stones at the ruling PF and Government officials, but also dragged in the issue of national dialogue as a scapegoat to skip facing criminal prosecution.

As a matter of fact, the national dialogue will be a gathering of citizens from various walks of life to chat how, among other issues, to uphold the rule of law and human rights, and not to create a society full of law-breaking citizens.

More so, the national dialogue process is anchored not only on a give -and -take principle, but also on the rule of law.

However, every Zambian regardless of their political and religious affiliation and status in society should be law-abiding citizens and should face criminal prosecution whenever he or she breaks the law.

As for politicians, we expect them to be the shining example of the law-abiding citizens in our society.

We advise the said politicians to create an atmosphere for the national dialogue by becoming law –abiding citizens who respect other people’s rights, and tone down their vulgar and crude language against the Head of State and other Government officials.

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