Patricia Mwashingwele Arrested

Patricia Mwashingwele

Katuba UPND Member of Parliament Hon. Patricia Mwashingwele has been arrested.The issue at hand is that her residents in Chibombo Katuba Constituency have complained through her office that the Lusaka Mayor his worship Miles Sampa has errected a bill board beyond the borders of Lusaka district. The said Billboard has also inconvenienced shop owners.

This morning the Lawmaker and her residents swang into action by removing the illegal billboard but the police summoned and arrested her.

Since when did Chibombo area became part of Lusaka district?

One Response to "Patricia Mwashingwele Arrested"

  1. Advocate   December 3, 2018 at 11:08 pm

    These are the useless people we put in the office Very good at arresting people , very swift …’s a shame…..