Statemen On President Lungu Selfless Leadership Style

December 4, 2018

Whilst President Edgar Lungu is concerned about the plight of the poor and vulnerable people in our society, others are more concerned about how to wrestle power from the Republican President.

Indeed, President Lungu’s sacrifice of 10 per cent of his salary towards the empowerment fund meant to improve the welfare of the poor demonstrates his tacit commitment to the cause of the vulnerable people.

Moreover, the Head of State’s governance style of treating everyone fairly and equally regardless of creed, colour, tribe and gender is anchored on unifying the country.

As a unifier, President Lungu does not only preside over an all-inclusive Cabinet with members drawn from all ten Provinces, but also embraces traditional leaders as partners in the development process of the nation.

The Head of State has also declared his readiness for the much-anticipated national dialogue without pre-conditions.

President Lungu does not interfere with the independence of the other two arms of Government: Judiciary and Legislature. He also respects the freedom of expression and the media.

Further, the Head of State strives to improve the welfare of the workers across the country without leaving anyone behind.

Currently, there is an on-going construction project of staff houses for soldiers, policemen and women and Correctional facility Service officers. It’s under President Lungu’s administration that the said decent housing project for men and women in uniforms has been accelerated.

However, some politicians, who are aspiring for the highest office in the land, are more concerned about their selfish interest and not the plight of the poor and vulnerable people in our society as they have nothing to show they care for them.

More so, the said politicians are bent on dividing the nation by inciting certain tribes to rise against other tribes.

Zambian DNA is of the view that those seeking political office should have a heart for the poor as President Lungu has demonstrated, and not pursue selfish interest at the expense of the Zambian people.

We advise opposition political party leaders to emulate President Lungu‘s selfless leadership style if they are to remain relevant to the Zambian politics.

We also urge the Zambian people to seriously scrutinize those aspiring for political office as some do not have what it takes to lead the country.

Unlike opposition political party leaders who have nothing to offer except insults and peddling falsehoods, President Lungu deserves another five-year mandate to govern the affairs of the country beyond 2021 as he has proved to the Zambian people that he means well for the country.

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