The Die Is Cast…As ConCourt Rules In Lungu Eligibility Casef

Edgar Lungu will test his own medicine when the Constitutional Court he set up gives a judgment on whether or not is eligible to contest the 2021 General Elections.
Contemptuous statements coming from the ruling and opposition political parties, including Mr Lungu himself have been made on the matter.
Mr Lungu warned the judges while in Solwezi that there will be chaos if they misbehave and take the Kenyan route by ruling otherwise.
The President also gave a contradictory statement when he told manufacturers at Reddison Blue Hotel that they may be dealing with another person as Head of State beyond 2021.
Recently, when handing over a mansion to Rupiah Banda, Lungu said some things that was suggesting that he would want to go beyond 2021.
“Only the other day, I went to visit Mr Grey Zulu, he is relatively comfortable. But I think he wasn’t the only one who worked with Dr Kaunda, there are others, so many, it is a good scheme but I think it has not been applied properly. Let’s apply it equitably, that’s what I am saying. When I became President in 2015 I said so and somebody said, ‘no, you are not entitled to a house because you have only served one year six months, you are not eligible because that’s not a term’. When the matter came again, they said ‘you have served one term already, so you are not going to come back again in 2021’, anyway, that’s politics but for housing purposes, I am saying no more houses,” said President Lungu.
The case has attracted comments likely to prejudice the outcome of the case.
Social media has it that a guess worker in the name of prophet Amata has dreamed that Lungu will be declared eligible to stand but that the case will be adjourned.
Some Nigeria prophets give prophesy about Zambia yet they fail to tell us about the future happenings of their own country which equally has problems.
We hope Amata will be cited for contempt by the Constitutional Court.