Mother Of Two Who Stole Nine Bags of Mealie Meal From Shoprite Arrested

Mother Of Two Who Stole Nine Bags of Mealie Meal From Shoprite Arrested

A 34-year-od woman of Mongu’s North Park has left residents puzzled about how she managed to steal nine bags of mealie meal weighing 10 kilogrammes each and nine 5-litre containers of cooking oil from Shoprite without being detected. Western Province commissioner of police Charles Lungu says the woman, identified as Kalimbwe Kakoma, allegedly stole the assorted items worth K1,606 from Shoprite.

Kakoma was cornered on Friday evening by Shoprite staff at Barotse Mall as she allegedly tried to shoplift a10kilogramme bag of sugar and four packs of chicken pieces using an old receipt. On that day, Kakoma allegedly filled a 20 litre container of cooking oil after emptying the 5 litres containers she had earlier stolen and left under the watchful eye of her daughters aged between seven and four, just across the mall.

Kakoma met her embarrassing fate when she tried to walk away with stolen goods in a trolley whilst carrying a receipt in her hand on the pretext that she had bought them from Shoprite. However, one of the Shoprite workers noticed her manoeuvres and approached her and it was discovered that the receipt she had was for the previous day’s purchase, and the goods in the trolley did not match the items on the receipt.

It was at this point that she was taken to the manager’s office for questioning before she was taken to Mongu Central Police Station after retrieving the other items she had left in the care of her daughters by the road side. Mr Lungu, the provincial police commissioner, confirmed receiving a report of shoplifting involving Kakoma, who is now detained at Mongu Central Police Station and charged with theft.

“I can confirm that we have received a report of theft which is commonly referred to as shoplifting where male Richard Emmanuel reported on behalf of Shoprite Barotse Mall that Kalimbwe Kakoma stole assorted goods and was discovered by the same Mr Emmanuel,” he said.
He said police have instituted investigation to determine if the woman in question has been