CK Speaks Out On The Jailing Of Journalist Sinjela


National Democratic Congress (NDC) Political Consultant  Chishimba Kambwili is austensibly distraught with the jailing of Rainbow Newspaper owner Derrick Sinjela.

Sinjela, a close confidant of the late President Michael Sata while in opposition was jailed by Deputy Chief Justice Marvin Mwanamwambwa for questioning the integrity of the Supreme Court.

Responding to a question from Sinjela’s long time friend Fulman Mukobeko who wanted to know why politicians are quiet over the jailing of his ally at a press briefing in Lusaka, Wednesday Dr Kambwili said the imprisonment of the Rainbow Newspaper owner was unfortunate.

He explained that it has been difficult for politicians to give their opinion on the Supreme Court judgement of journalist Sinjela and Anti-Corruption Activist Gregory Chifire because of fear of contempt of court.

“My young man, Sinjela’s sentencing was unfortunate but you see, from the very beginning of trial, people were being threatened of contempt, “that if you talk about this case it will be contempt of court.

I wish Sinjela well during his unfortunate stay in prison”Kambwili said.

“I will come and pardon Chifire in 2021 when I become President”.Dr Kambwili said.

Sinjela fondly referred to as Comrade, without wasting the court’s time pleaded guilty to the charge of contempt but was sent to prison.

He is at Lusaka Prison commonly known as Chimbokaila Prison.

But Cuba-Zambia Friendship Association president Tetani Mwanzah argued that the 18 months imprisonment slapped on Sinjela was very excessive given the fact that contempt of court like discrimination against women has become outdated.