Let Sleeping Dogs Lie-Shimunza


As Movement for National Transformation, MNT, we are OPPOSED to any attempts to privatize, State Owned Enterprises, SOEs, in a careless manner that compromises public interest, and national Sovereignty whether in the past or the present.

Therefore , the privatization of 1991, must be not pursued as an enquiring today to fix political opponents. It must be in public interest. The people who started this quest recently are known as cadres of Patriotic Front, PF not the general public. Therefore, this is misplaced, and an affront to our national development. This is not being advanced in national interests, but a witch -hunt aganist a known political opposition leader sadly. Our democracy must now mature in advancing; self- regulated systems, structures, and strategies of government in public interest for accountability, transparency, and good governance, respectively.

Furthermore, the manner in which the Patriotic Front, PF, has sold State Owned Enterprises, SOEs, and land to foreigners will require that they account after an intelligent forensic audit of all infrastructure development projects which smell corruption, the Auditor General’s Reports smelling corruption, controlling Officers who have failed to account for public resources under the Parliamentary Accounts Committee, PAC, all require a serious public Enquiry. Deceptive politics to blind the citizens to current corruption, by bringing the past privatization will not work. Zambians know better what motivates this diversion. The real issue is Patriotic Front corruption, is so entrenched now than ever. 2021 the people will speak to all these things so loudly that no one will doubt they will in the ballot.

The Patriotic Front, are setting a good precedent that will backfire on them very soon, as they have to account to the Zambian people where they took our money since 2011, as the people have never had disposable income since then. We all know where our money has gone through corruption within and outside the country. Those who have become rich today by pecuniary gain through their offices live among us. We know their assets and investments.

Conclusively, the fight against corruption, and public Enquiries must be in public interest, not settling political scores, or a vindictive spirit of fixing political opponents so percieved. What is needed, is a more; systemic, structural, and cultural reform, to establish democratic institutions, and advanced economic reforms that foster first world development, not outdated third world backward economy politics of power. We have serious issues to attend to instead of pettiness, and un- ideological politics of third world weak leadership.

Corruption starts when we deceptively start pursuing individuals, not building a nation to ultimate first world development, as your transformation agenda. This type of politics is misplaced and therfore the public enquiry of past privatization is a waste of time, and money, as it only purports to foster self-preservation of those intoxicated with power againat public interest for political mileage.

Issued by :

Daniel Mvula Shimunza

Founding President
Movement for National Transformation, MNT.
For First World Zambia Ideology.