Lungu Deserves Respect

January 03, 2018

Zambian DNA condemns in the strongest terms the remarks attributed to both NDC’s Chishimba Kambwili and UPND’s Douglas Syakalima by a known tabloid insinuating that the devil and not God made Edgar Lungu the Republican President.

However, contrary to the alleged remarks, President Lungu was anointed by God through the people of Zambia who gave him the mandate to govern the country on His behalf.

In case, the duo have forgotten that Zambia is a Christian Nation, which was dedicated to God by the late second Republican President Frederick Chiluba, and President Lungu reinforced its declaration when he declared 18 October as a Day of National Prayer and Fasting.

We find the duo’s remarks not befitting their status as lawmakers, and we have no doubt to conclude that they are the ones who are flirting with the devil, and not the Republican President.

Moreover, President Lungu has demonstrated that he is a God-fearing leader over the years he has governed the country.

We expect the duo to respect the Office of the President and the person who occupies it as respect is both a Christian virtue and value everyone must thrive to practice.

We urge the Zambian people to dismiss the duo’s primitive, uncivilized and uncouth remarks with the contempt they deserve.

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