Abigail’s Husband Files For Divorce

Abigail’s Husband  Files For Divorce

This is sad.  Husband to Cheating Chingola woman Mr Henry Mwila is now filing for divorce. The two families from both Mr Mwila and Abigail’s side met last night in Chiwempala to try and reconcile the couple. But Mr Mwila has made it clear to his family that he has nothing to do with Abigail anymore and has since proceeded  to file for divorce in court. The two are married with two kids. Abigail was having an affair with another married man. Images of her naked bod started making rounds on the internet after been leaked. The husband said he’s devastated and disappointed by  the development.

Although there is no evidence to suggest this,  it is believed someone close to the mysterious married man leaked the photos to expose the affair.



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  1. deverlyn maz   January 7, 2019 at 4:22 pm

    you are just too handsome please go ahead with divorve