Revin Zambia Limited Quits Productions

Revin Zambia Limited has cooperated with government agencies carrying out investigations on its product, Natural Power SX energy drink, and has since stopped production and distribution of the product. This follows investigations being conducted by Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA), Ndola City Council (NCC) and Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) to determine whether the product contains aphrodisiacs.

Company general manager Vikas Kapoor said in an interview yesterday that the company has stopped production and distribution of its product.
Mr Kapoor said the company has allowed the government agencies to conduct its independent investigations on the product. “The Government is doing its investigations and we are cooperating and just waiting for the outcome,” Mr Kapoor said.

However, a check in some supermarkets and drinking places in Ndola found the energy drink on the shelves. On Monday, the company was ordered to stop producing and distributing the energy drink until investigations are concluded and appropriate action taken. In a joint statement issued, ZAMRA, NCC and ZABS said they started investigations on the energy drink.

The institutions further urged the public to immediately stop consuming the drink until conclusive results are released to confirm or dismiss the allegations. And MONICA KAYOMBO reports in Lusaka that the energy drink is being sold by some business houses despite the advice by the regulatory bodies for people not to consume it until the investigations are concluded.
An independent survey by the Daily Mail yesterday revealed that the product is still on the shelves of some supermarkets in Lusaka.
And Lusaka City Council (LCC) will in collaboration with other stakeholders start confiscating Natural Power SX drink from business houses which have not adhered to the directive to stop distributing the product until investigations are concluded.
LCC assistant public relations manager Brenda Katongola said in an interview yesterday that LCC will work with other stakeholders to ensure that the product is seized.
“We will work with all the other stakeholders, including the Ministry of Health, to see how fast we can remove that drink on the market,” she said.
On Monday, ZAMRA, NCC and ZABS issued a joint statement in which Revin Limited of Ndola was directed to stop manufacturing the energy drink until investigations are concluded.
Last week, the Uganda National Drug Authority reportedly said that the Zambian energy drink contains an aphrodisiac (Viagra) and that this resulted in a man.