How a Female Student Was Badly Raped At Robert Makasa University

How a Female Student Was Badly Raped At Robert Makasa University

By a Concerned Student;

It is with a saddened heart that I write to inform you of the failure to conclusively investigate a matter in which a female student of Robert Kapasa Makasa was allegedly raped by a Maybin Simbeye of the same university by our justice system.

This case has been thrown out, and it is concerning because we feel this should go to court!

On Friday, October 19th of 2018, the victim went out drinking with friends as school had officially closed, she later on met Maybin and agreed to go back with him to a house. Moments after arriving, Maybin allegedly forced himself onto her and raped her, according to her, she then blacked out and woke up later in the morning naked, despite dressing up after the first ordeal. She spotted empty condoms and realized she might have been raped again while she was unconscious.

The victim was allegedly raped on Friday through to early Saturday morning, she did a rape kit on a Monday, and unfortunately the clinic couldn’t find anything because she took too long to have herself checked by a medical practitioner, she then proceeded to open a docket at a police station on a Tuesday.

The police later on informed the victim, that her case is closed due to the lack of sufficient evidence, because the medical report from the rape kit produced inconsistent results. Victims of rape are encouraged to go the clinic immediately as forensic evidence of rape like semen in the vagina is easily lost and it’s of my opinion that this is what happened to her case.

The victim says she has recorded two Voice Notes, the first is of Maybin allegedly admitting to only touching her and then goes on to insist nothing happened and the second is of Maybin allegedly bragging to his friends about how he had sex with her, and he then laughs and jokes about how she’s pretending to not know anything.

The victim also has witnesses, after the ordeal she had to borrow a ‘chitenge’ from a neighbor because her clothes were torn during the assault.

This is really sad.