Thank You For Supporting Our Adopted Candidates-HH

We would like to sincerely thank our party leadership, supporters and sympathisers, and more importantly, the citizens throughout the country for the massive support they gave our adopted candidates during the filing in of nominations this round of bye elections.

We particularly take note of the relatively peaceful atmosphere exhibited by our citizens, despite provocation in some areas by the same elements who thrive on political violence.

As UPND, we call for peaceful campaigns and hard work from all citizens by rejecting violence as a means to choosing leaders.

The security wings of our country, especially the Zambia Police Service command must ensure that citizens are protected and allowed to freely interact with voters without any intimidation.

We are aware of some hooligans who are being deployed in certain areas with a view to cause their usual anarchy and violence.

We are also aware of elements that take advantage of the poverty they have deliberately inflicted on our citizens and resort wanting to win elections using their inherent corruption, bribery and vote buying.

Citizens must know that those are your resources which have been looted from the treasury.

As has been generally accepted now, we are one people facing similar economic difficulties in our homes.

We must all rise up in unison by sending a strong signal that the country can be better and liberated from the ongoing economic sabotage.

*Hakainde Hichilema*
*UPND President*