Mother Dips Daughter’s Hands In Boiling Water Over K15

Mother Dips Daughter’s Hands In Boiling Water Over K15

Police in Isoka have arrested a 29-year-old mother f o r a l l e g e d l y dipping her nine year- old daughter’s hands in boiling water for stealing a K15 which she used to buy school requirements. M u c h i n g a P r o v i n c e Commissioner of Police Joel Njase said in an interview yesterday that the incident happened on January 23 in Kawenga village, but was only reported to the police on Wednesday.

Mr Njase said the matter was reported to the police by the victim’s father, Jecap Silungwe, 36. “Mr Silungwe reported that his wife assaulted their daughter by placing her hands in a pot of boiling water,” he said. He named the suspect as Mervis Kasonde, who wounded her Grade 4 daughter, Joyce Nalungwe, by placing her hands in boiling water.

The police chief said Ms Kasonde accused her daughter of stealing a K15 which she used to buy books and pencils, an allegation Joyce denies. Mr Njase said after noticing the missing K15, Ms Kasonde starved her daughter, and due to hunger, she prepared nshima with eggs for herself.

“Joyce got eggs from the house to make food for herself and this too angered her mother, who beat her using a stick,” he said. He said after beating her daughter, Ms Kasonde placed her hands in a pot of boiling water. The girl sustained severe burns on both hands. Mr Njase said the girl’s father took her to another village to allow her wounds to heal. He said when the two returned, after the wounds had healed, they were summoned at the police and advised to report the matter formally.

“The girl was issued with a medical report form after examination and treatment,” he said. Mr Njase sa i d p o l i c e apprehended Ms Kasonde and detained her in police cells. He said Ms Kasonde will be charged with assault on a child and will appear in court soon. And police in Kasama have arrested a 42-year-old man for allegedly axing to death his 34-year-old younger brother who plucked mangoes from his tree.

Police deputy spokesperson Rae Hamoonga, in a statement yesterday, identified the suspect as Mulenga Chomba, who allegedly murdered his younger brother, Anthony Chomba. Mr Hamoonga said the incident happened on Wednesday around 16:30 hours in Tibi village. “The victim sustained four deep cuts on the neck and one on the right leg,” he said.