ZESCO Sued for High Voltage Supply

ZESCO Sued for High Voltage Supply

NANDI Properties has sued Zesco demanding more than K134,895 in damages for allegedly supplying high voltage electricity to its premises where several electrical appliances got damaged.

Nandi Properties is also claiming damages for negligence and breach of statutory duty.

In a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, Nandi Properties states that it is an incorporated company trading under the name Ndmu Apartments and was at the material time Zesco’s client.

By a written agreement made between Nandi Properties Limited Apartments and Zesco, the latter agreed to supply to supply electricity at a standard frequency and voltage at an agreed price per unit or the electricity.

“On November 28 last year, in breach of the agreement, the defendant [Zesco] negligently supplied to Nandi Properties Limited terminals on S/D N/1259 high voltage,” the statement of claim reads in part.

The high voltage supplied by Zesco caused Nandi Properties Limited’s meter box installed on the premises to burn and subsequently spread fire to the plaintiff’s distribution board and installations.

“The high voltage was also supplied to several other consumers of electricity from neighbouring premises who had similar experiences as Nandi Properties Limited,” the document reads further.

Nandi Properties Limited claims that the matters complained of were allegedly caused by Zesco’s negligence and breach of statutory duty of the electricity supply company, it servants or agents.

Nandi Properties Limited claimed that because of Zesco’s negligence, several of the company’s electrical appliances among them geyser elements, defy double door fridges worth over K45, 000, energy saver bulbs and double sockets were damaged.

“The plaintiff incurred losses arising from replacing the damaged property.

Nandi Properties Limited is now demanding K134,895 special damages from Zesco.