Charles Chanda Threatens To Expose ECZ

Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia(UPPZ) president Charles Chanda has threaten to expose the returning officer for the Sesheke by-elections for allegedly holding clandestine meetings with the named political party.
Mr Chanda said in a brief statement that if he does not get response from ECZ, he will hold a press conference where he is going to unleash damning evidence against the Sesheke by-election returning officer.
He said the evade vs he has is likely to cast an international embracement to the Zambian election body.
The UPPZ leader said he does not speak without evidence, adding that he is aware that the Sesheke by-election returning officer has purchased a car from the proceeds he has gotten from the named political party.
“I wish to make an appeal to the ECZ to revoke the appointment of the returning officer of the Sesheke by-elections if they want to save themselves from embracement and shame. The returning officer has been meeting one political party and so much has taken place. We have so much evidence. We even know the vehicle he has purchased from the proceeds he has been given by this named political party. It is my appeal to ECZ that to avoid embracement, they must replace the returning officer who has been appointed with immediate effect, failure to which, I will hold a press briefing a day before elections to reveal things in details because I have evidence in my hands. I don’t talk without evidence and the evidence I have is going to cast an international shame on our ECZ because of what they have engaged themselves in this by-elections. I will release more details in the press conferences which I will hold, if there is no change and response from ECZ,” Mr Chanda said.