‘We Had Sex At Church For About Four Times’ Zambian Woman Tells Court

‘We Had Sex At Church For About Four Times’ Zambian Woman Tells Court

There  was laughter in the Chipulukusu local court after a 20-year-old woman  said she slept with her boyfriend in a church building. This is a case in which Catherine Mwanza has taken Davison Kapengwe, 20, to the local court for impregnating her daughter, Prisca Mwanza.

But the court could not order for damages because the father of Prisca’s unborn child had not yet been recognised. Mrs Mwanza told the court that in October last year, her daughter informed her that she missed her monthly periods after sleeping with Kapengwe.

Mrs Mwanza said she then called for a meeting with Kapengwe’s family where he admitted responsibility. She, however, said a few weeks later, Kapengwe called her to inform her of his decision to back out of his pregnancy responsibilities because some people told him that his girlfriend had another man she was sleeping with.

And the court was sent into laughter when Prisca indicated that she and Kapengwe slept together four times in a church building.
She said Kapengwe was the only man she ever slept with. “We slept together at church for about four times I missed my periods the last time he slept with me and that was on October 10 last year,” she said.

She denied having another boyfriend. But her friend, who testified as a witness, told the court that Prisca told her she was pregnant for another man but her mother liked Kapengwe. She said her mother told her to pick on Kapengwe because he was a responsible man.

Kapengwe told the court that he did not want anything to do with Prisca because she was seeing another man.
“Her friend told me that she was seeing other men and the pregnancy is not mine,” he said.

And Chipulukusu magistrate Juliet Bwalya ordered Kapengwe to pay K100 every month to Prisca and buy baby clothes. She also advised Kapengwe to take a paternity test to know if the child is his or not.

“We cannot order for damages now because we are not sure if the child is yours or not, we have to wait until she gives birth,” she said.