Stop Disturbing Farmers, Kanyama Warn’s Kalaba’s DP

Am urging the Lusaka based DP political party officials to stop disturbing Siavonga farmers from concentrating on farm work.

Democratic Party 2021 presidential candidate Harry Kalaba dances to a DP political song called “Kalaba talaba” performed live by Kaka and Baraba of the Mimbulu Boys, during a fundraising dinner in Chingola on Saturday, December 8, 2018 – Picture by Thomas Mulenga

DP is warned to immediately stop organising and disturbing farmers who are busy attending to farm work so as to attend their unproductive meetings being called in the district by the DA top leadership.

The Siavonga police command is directed to cancel all political meetings in the district until after the farming season. Farmers are abandoning farm work thinking that there is free money being dished out by the DP officials who are currently in the district.

If we let these political gathering continue, it will lead the district into recording a poor 2018-2019 harvest. I’m therefore ordering those involved to immediately stop or face arrest once spotted in the district .And to the farmers, stay away from such unproductive political gatherings and concentrate on farm work or else you will equally be picked up together with those individuals organising illegal political party meetings.

Lovemore Kanyama
Siavonga DC