I am Not Moved By Money-Kalaba

Democratic Party presidential candidate Harry Kalaba greets Father Chalwe Chonde at St. Pius the tenth parish in Chililabombwe District on Sunday – picture by Thomas Mulenga

Ba Fridah, Natubombela chapamo tufumwepo ubu ubuteko pantu bwatuchusha pafula, says Harry Kalaba, loosely translated as (Fridah, let’s work together and remove this Government which has inflicted pain on us)
And Mr Kalaba, the Democratic Party(DP) leader says money is a dangerous vehicle and a root cause of all sorts of evil which he said has turned good leaders into brutal dictators.
Responding to a caller who identified herself as Fridah on Radio Maria programme dubbed “Talk With President Harry Kalaba”, the former Bahati Member of Parliament said she(caller) was welcome to work with the DP.
“Mwise tubombela chapamo tufumwepo ubu ubuteko ubuletuchusha( come and work with us to remove this government that is making us suffer).
And Mr Kalaba said good leaders have turned into brutal dictators because money has gone into their heads.
He said once power and money goes into the head of the leader, they turn against the people they are supposed to govern.
“I have never put money has a priority in my life because once money goes into the head of the leader, they become brutal dictators,” he said.
Mr Kalaba said he considers himself a leader and not a politician because the latter give promises they are unable to keep.
And Mr Kalaba said he is not in any talks with any political party in a bid to join the alliance.
“Our regime will not have recycled politicians. I will work with young and old people but not those who have moved from one Government to the other,” he said.
The former Foreign Affairs Minister said he will outrightly win the 2021 without the help of any existing political party.
He said he is in talks with the poor Zambian people who have been given a raw deal and not any political party for possible alliances.
“I am not in talks with any political party… I am in talks with the Zambians who are suffering. If you were to cut the stomachs of these PF leaders, you will be amazed the amount of sausages, samusas and meat pies that will come out,” Mr Kalaba said after he was asked if he was considering joining a political alliance ahead of the 2021 elections.