Why IBA and Not ERB Or Why Prime TV and Not The Other Three

The day PS Emmanuel Mwamba talked of a national broadcast licence for Radio Phoenix was a day his journey as controlling officer for information Ministry ended.

Emmanuel Mwamba was fired as PS for merely entertaining the thought of giving a private media station national coverage license.

Hence the birth of IBA as a licensing authority.

This meant that the ministry handed over the authority of licensing broadcasters to an independent and autonomous IBA.

Enter PS Chanda Kasolo as successor of the very first Independent IBA chairman brig general Justine Mutale to be come IBA second chairman, to suspend Prime TV with IBA director general (board secretary) as well as hear its appeal with the minister as the ministers chief adviser or PS.

The minister ahead of the appeal asked the press conference about what was special about prime TV as she claimed not receiving prime TV appeal and IBA report from the chairman who was also busy on radio talk shows to justify the suspension and deny the appeal.

He was still speaking on one radio station which was still regional than national despite costing the job of former PS Emmanuel Mwamba.

To them, failing to keep a promise of national coverage while speaking on the same radio about prime TV as well as being the suspending chairman and the appeal PS is total professionalism as only prime TV can be unprofessional.

Well, there is nothing special about prime TV but everything special about the professional IBA chairman PS.

Just as there is nothing special with Prime TV but everything special with the eloquent speaker former news caster.

To answer the question on, why talk about prime TV and not the three other media stations? Please remember your basic notes on journalism about prominence, proximity, impact etc and by the way, you are the one who started talking about prime TV not prime TV or ourselves.

What is special about IBA suspending prime TV and others when we can talk about ERB reducing fuel pump price?

Journalist Francis Kope

Immediate past President.
International Media Association for Peace (IMAP)