PF Has Destroyed Youth Day Celebrations -UPPZ

United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia(UPPZ) leader Charles Chanda has urged youths to be strong as they hope for a better Zambia.
In his National Youth Day message which is commemorated under the theme “Zambian Youth; Generation Unlimited”, Mr Chanda expressed disappointment that the PF Government has destroyed the once famous event.
He regretted that the event that was in the past spiced by march passed and other activities is now a shell of its former self.
The UPPZ leader said the fact that the PF has destroyed and disturbed the Youth Day Celebrations is an indication that they have no regards for youths in the country, saying the ruling party is only interested in the adults and their programmes.
“Our message to our youth is that they have to be strong in the face of changes taking place in the nation. I wish to retaliate that the way the PF Government has disturbed and destroyed Youth Day Celebrations that we used to have in this country is quite disturbing. It was tradition that during this period, every student knew that it was time to march abd Cadets were everywhere. It was something you could look up to but the present Government has shown that it has no regards and no plan for the youth of this country. For them to destroy and disturb this program shows that they are only interested in adults and adult programmes,” Mr Chanda said.
Minister of Youth Sports and Child Development Moses Mawele said in a statement that the wreath laying ceremony at the National Youth event will not be preceded by a match past as was the case previously.
Mr Chanda said the youth have struggled for a long time but said they should not lose faith and focus that one day they will be liberated.

“So the youth of Zambia, the struggle is on. One day the youth of this country shall be liberated and what has been taken away shall be restored to them. My heart goes to university students who have been left without meal allowances, my heart goes to young people who were driven out of the street and no alternative given to them, my hearts goes to youths on the Copperbelt who were given the Black Mountain but landed in the hands of senior PF officials who had access to tracks. I want to urge the young people in this country not to lose hope, this is your country. One day, Zambian youths will raise to the sky. It is always darkest before dawn. We may not have the march past, but I want you to hold on, the best is yet to come. May God richly bless you,” Mr Chanda prayed.

Chanda Charles