Ignore Media Speculations About Zambezi Portland Cement Ownership-Litana

Zambezi Portland Cement has reaffirmed that the company is still under the ownership of the Ventriglias contrary speculations from some sections of the media.

Company Chief Executive Officer Gomeli Litana in a statement issued to the media said Rajan Mahtani’s company Finsbury Investment will only take control of the company when it pays the K580million it was ordered to pay at the Lusaka High Court and affirmed by the Court of Appeals.

“Zambezi Portland Cement management wish to reaffirm that the ownership of the multi million cement plant is 100% still under the Ventriglias. This is contrary to speculations and media reports on the ownership, we wish to state that the company is still under the current ownership of the Ventriglias until such a time when Rajan Mahtani’s company Finsbury Investment Limited regulates it’s 58% shareholding by paying the Ventriglias K580 million with interest withing 90 days according to the Court of Appeal judgement,” he said.

The Ventriglias remain committed to ensuring that the ruling is adhered to and that as law abiding citizens they will wait for the shareholding to be regulated once the payment is made.

“We are law abiding citizens and we remain committed to abide to the court ruling of 30th January, 2019. As far as we concern the status call remains the same since Mahtani’s has not paid the K580 million as directed by the court,” he said.

He has since informed the public that the company is fully operational and business is running smoothly under his leadership as Chief Executive Officer.