Leadership Movement Forming Govt-Simfukwe


It is time for young people to wake up from slumber and take up the leadership mantle of this country, says Leadership Movement Secretary General Brown Simfukwe.
Mr Simfukwe is concerned that young people are still in the safe zones in the face of high unemployment levels in the country.
Speaking in an interview, Mr Simfukwe said history has it that revolutions are provoked by young people but regretted that the youth of today are still in slumber.
” Our young people in Zambia today are in the state of slumber. There are no jobs… that is why you find that society whose young men and women are in the state of slumber will never realise their potential. So, as the leadership movement, we are encouraging the young people to rise up,” he said.
And Mr Simfukwe emphasized the need for Zambian politics to be redefined.
He said political violence has taken centre stage at the expense of national development.
“As the Leadership Movement, we don’t tolerate political violence . the leadership movement is the 21st century political party. It is not like these colonial political parties we have in Zambia today. We have leaders of inspiration and motivation and it is that principle that will drive us to greater heights. Otherwise the Leadership Movement is a very peaceful party,” he said.
On women, Mr Simfukwe said Marketeers will be given incentives and tax holidays so that they go on with their business. On the other hand, Zambian women will be given land entitlement so that they can use that land to get the loans. These loans will help them develop their land and start up businesses,” he said.
He said the party does not want to cheat by promising manner from heaven but in the end fail to honour the promises.
“We are not going to engage in cheap politics of cheating the Zambian people. Our priority is to provide employment to youths in the Zambia Police, Zambia Air force and Zambia Army and the civil service. We don’t want to see people languishing on the streets without employment. Our vision is to have an inclusive Government that will be open to Zambians 24/7.
He said the party is ready to form Government in 2021.
” We have structures across the country. Come 2021, we are going to have a new Zambia and the old Zambia will be gone.
That is a big lie, as a movement, we don’t operate with any political party in Zambia. We have our ideologies and our own manifesto. We are a 21st century party, so we can’t join these colonial political parties,” he said.

The Leadership Movement was launched on the Youth Day Celebrations.
It is led by a vibrant youth Mr Richard Silumba.
It is a political party that is dominated by young people who are feeling the burden of unemployment.