PF impressive…Kambwili’s NDC Headed For Victory In Roan

40 out of 43 polling stations

PF 7653
NDC 9879

Francis Kope posted the following mind boggling statement earlier in the day




It is saddening to note that today in Zambia campaigns are about peace as opposed to manifesto based campaign.

How come we have reached this far especially under the Patriotic Front where a by-election is common within a space of two months each year.

UPPZ has observed that the public media only covers opposition political parties when there is a talk of peaceful campaigns which is an extension of the PF propaganda manifesto.

The PF celebrates a peaceful campaign because they are a congregation of individuals with individualistic ambition of self praise.

Only people in war zone areas would appreciate peace just like the minds of PF who are contaminated with violence among themselves, hence over praising peaceful campaigns in a peaceful country like Zambia.

Today peace has become a clichê, a word over used during campaign and the public media only quote the opposition when they talk about peace to satisfy the egos of Patriotic Front.

They are alot of electoral malpractice by PF such as the commissioning of a medical hub in Mansa, an area where there is a by- election.

Roan Constituency is not spared from the commissioning of projects such as Levy Chinto camp police Houses, including promising of unrealistic youth projects accompanied by give aways such as black mountain.

What is also mind boggling is the failure to take responsibility by national leaders who have continued to blame past members of parliament for the lack of development in poverty stricken areas such as Bahati.

Look at the man in the mirror. It is laughable to hear from the national leader that there is no development in a particular area because of some so called former MP who didn’t deliver.

Take responsibility and stop the blame game.

All the Constituencies in Luapula are under PF and yet it is the poorest province.

Insoni ebunthu!

Stop the propaganda and misinformation on important national matters.

Ifintu na fishupa!
People are suffering and you are busy exaserbating by-elections in the name of popularity.

When election comes you are abusing the public media to promote propaganda.

We are aware of the challenges of our colleagues in public media who are being instructed to only high light commissioning of projects in areas where they are by-elections during campaign.

Like Mangango, Bahati and Roan will never see a President or vice until the time for another election.

Issued by
Francis Kope

UPPZ National Spokesperson