Statement On The Recent By-Elections

The Zambian DNA congratulates the ruling Patriotic Front for scooping most of the seats in the recently held parliamentary and Local Government by-elections.
We congratulate all those who emerged victorious as well as those who did not emerge victorious because democracy is about people making a choice and others will come out as winners while others will not come out as winners. However, Democracy has won in this case. We can hold our heads high but in terms of democracy, Zambia is second to non on the outside continent. We would like to congratulate our people for exercising their democratic rights to choose the leaders of their choice.
We also would like to congratulate all the political parties that participated in these elections and for going about their campaigns peacefully without political violence, except for the little issue that happened in Luanshya on the day of voting and we would like to condemn that in strongest terms and we hope that the Zambia Police Service will be able to take care of that by going after those who were involved in the fracas. We would like to urge those who emerged victorious to remember that they owe their victory to the people who voted for them. Therefore, they must go and lobby developmental projects from the Government in their respective areas. They must not go to parliament or councils as new members of these place to serve themselves, they must serve the people as always the case in an election. As for those who did not make it, we would like to urge them to go back to the drawing board and take a deeper reflection and see what they did not do well that cost them the elections.
However, as we say, democracy is about making choices, others will remain winner and others will remain not victorious but the main victory here is democracy. Our people exercised their rights to vote for the candidate of their choice.
Issued by :Zambian DNA Spokesperson
Spuki Mulemwa