Sesheke Cop Killer Sentenced to Death

Sesheke Cop Killer Sentenced to Death

The Mongu High Court has sentenced to death, Eddie Mwanza, the man who murdered a female police officer, Caroline Chembwe, in Sesheke.

The court has however sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, Mwanza’s co-accused, Daniel Nyumbu.

This was after the court convicted Mwanza, aged 25, and Nyumbu, who were arrested in connection with the killing of Constable Chembwe, aged 29, of Katima Mulilo Police Post, last August.

In her ruling, Justice Maria Kawimbe said Mwanza’s defence that he killed Chembwe as a result of provocation and intoxication, was an afterthought.

And on Nyumbu, Justice Kawimbe said any person who assists another person to commit an offence is guilty of a felony and is liable to imprisonment.

During trial the state submitted that Mwanza stabbed the deceased, strangled her with a green electric cable and locked the door of his house, leaving her to bleed to death, and later buried her.