A Call For National Unity, Dialogue and Transformation

DATE: 20/04/2019


Daniel Shimunza

The Recent developments of deeply saddening divisive politics, cannot transform Zambia, to become the nation we have all desired , as a First World Civilised Free State. As Movement for National Transformation, MNT, we call on all Citizens to take notice of all those that practice divisive politics, and declare them retired in 2021, whether from Opposition or Ruling Party! All Citizens must now read the writing on the wall. Zambia’ s time for transformation is NOW! Our unity is in defining our collective purpose, not the mediocrity of lack of vision, and transactional leadership, of crisis management since 1964 till now! This has kept us as a third world backward nation, howbeit, with six government administrations failing to lift the quality of life of citizens!

Recycled politicians have sort to divide us along political lines. As a nation, we must be more wiser, mature, and discerning , now more than ever. We must now Unite with those that seek to build a better Zambia with; zeal, vision , ideas, and national character, not divisive politics of deception, and character assassination , for want of vision and insecurity. Insecure leaders become tyrannical to maintain power, through abuse and self-preservation tactics. Corruption, regionism, and disrespecting the Church, has no place in our democracy and in 2021.

Moreover, Those who have been part of government before, have nothing new to offer , but deceptive ambition for power. Ambition is not vision! We must be suspicious of them! Zambia needs real transformation, and not “false development” of; corruption and debt- driven infrastructure. You cannot change what you tolerate. Those who benefited from government , and have left are accomplices to the suffering of the Zambian people today. They were part of the bad decisions in collective agreements of bad governance.

Consequently, we call on all Stakeholders to attend the National Dialogue Forum, NDF, to champion national legal reforms of; the constitution, the Public Order Act, and Electoral Act, respectively. The process as well as the legislative content, is important for all Stakeholders . Shunning the Forum gives undue leeway for the Patriotic Front, PF, led Government to manipulate this process. We may not have agreed with the process of the dialogue, but we all agree that we need legislative reforms as stated.
Therefore, the most noble thing to do, is to go on the floor with government, and make our case thereon. This requires being magnanimous, mature, and putting national interests first, not partisan politics of peer- rivalry of novices. Let us be clear that what is decided in this NDF, Will be binding on all of us, even if you shun it!

Furthermore, it is now clear that the Patriotic Front, PF, are not willing to listen to everyone, consult widely, and create National unity. If it were so, all Stakeholders would have been on the National Dialogue Forum table next week. This will go down in our history that the PF -led government, failed to unite us as a nation since 2011. To whom much is given, much is required in governance. The PF -led government, has failed to model politics of; principle above politics, people above party , and in these legislative reforms, justice above law. We hope and only hope, that this National Dialogue Forum, will have credibility and legitimacy at the end.

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