Opinion: If I Were GBM..Taking Next Steps

Opinion: If I Were GBM..Taking Next Steps

If I Were GBM..Taking Next Steps
I would take a reflective approach and reexamine how much I have contributed to the conflict and swallow any form of pride! I would reflect more on what could have gone wrong with me and convince myself that I’m just a human being and possibility of making a mistake, misleading myself and misjudgment would be high! I would avoid any voice whispering self righteousness in my ears and the inner me! I would listen more to my heart and spirit. These would never lie to me!

I would also start by thinking that I’m not indispensable without a system that has elevated my profile. I would do nothing to please the enemies of UPND who are otherwise my enemies.

I would remain silent and would never have any press briefing to mud UPND. This is because, once I do this, NO ONE would ever trust me with sensitive and important information in any apolitical formation either as an active politician or as an advisor to emerging political parties! This would also be treated as “Sour Grapes”! I would not fall prey to the enemies of UPND knowing that my action would contribute very little on perception shift of ordinary citizens who have already made up their minds to support HH and the UPND.

I would secure my personal integrity with my own political preservation and if it would require my apology, I would do so and move on! I would make peace with HH! I would gather my courage and engage honestly with UPND leadership and point out real relational cracks and what really went wrong and how best as a party we could have managed the conflicts.

I would focus more on what can benefit me and that which could contribute to peace building internally and externally and not what can benefit the THIRD PARTY! I would apply exceptional wisdom that any disclosure of any information about UPND would not benefit me as GBM but would benefit the third party.

I would avoid any temptation to over rate myself as a political heavy weight!

People who resolve problems amicably are the real winners and those who think of destroying what they created with their own effort/hand are the real losers and shall never have an opportunity to see how good it is and gratifying to have a peaceful conflict resolution.

Lewis Mwape

Development Activist