Statement On Selfish Opposition Leaders


The Zambian DNA has noted that some political parties were founded and formed by selfish individuals who are desperate to get to State House by surpassing democracy and without clear party manifestoes.
We have also noted with concern how these said individuals have singularly hand picked those they want to work with and sidelined the majority party members’ views. This explains why there are so many wrangles in the ranks and files of most of these political parties. This also reveals that the one man political parties could fan chaos and confusion once given a chance to govern this country. However, there is a difference between the one man political parties and the PF which has the grassroot, structures and a clear vision for the country. It evident with the PF manifesto and the ongoing intra party elections that the ruling party is the people’s party that forms the general membership. We are now appealing to the Zambian people not to be swayed by the opposition parties’ sugar coated campaign promise, with nothing to offer. It is our view that the PF under President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s leadership has demonstrated its prowess and capacity to govern the country affair opposition leader in this country.