Constable Mwanza Sponsored His Girlfriend, She Betrayed Him

Constable Mwanza Sponsored His Girlfriend, She Betrayed Him

The late Constable Mwanza sponsored his girlfriend with school from grade 10 to college according to a friend of the late police officer who went about shooting people, Constable Jackson Mwanza’s acts were influenced by betrayal.

A friend to the late police officer who sort anonymity says Mwanza was even sponsoring the family of his girlfriend.
The two cohabited for three years in a house at PHI.
It was three weeks ago when they moved out from a rented property after Mwanza encountered financial challenges and failed to pay rent.
Mwanza accumulated debts to sponsor his girlfriend Christine Mulenga.
This is how he became financially crippled.
However, three weeks ago after Mwanza was chased from the house he was living in, he became homeless but was squatting with his colleagues. His girlfriend went to live with her friend who was shot on her arm.
It is at the same house where Christine Mulenga begun to cheat on Mwanza with the said mechanic who was killed with a gun.

At Chainama College, Christine was dating another student who was also stabbed in his head.

Currently, Christine Mulenga is in custody at Central Police where the police are questioning her about what transpired exactly.
However, the police source has said that Constable Jackson Mwanza did not shoot himself as being suggested by the police spokesperson but that he was shot by C5.
“They realised that he had many ammunitions with him so the fear was that someone might be a casualty because he was aggressive and he is a pretty good sniper.

So he was shot instead, to avoid further casualties. But obviously the police will say he shot himself,” the source says.

As usual , women will continue to cause fights and deaths

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  1. Nifwebo   April 23, 2019 at 12:02 pm

    Very Sad incident indeed…..though no justification for the senseless killings he committed…