KBF Declares Intentions To Contest 2021 Presidential Polls

Lusaka Lawyer Kelvin Fube Bwalya popularly known as KBF has declared his intention to contest the 2021 Presidential elections under the Patriotic Front (PF).
And Mr Bwalya has offered an olive branch to members of the PF who left the party to return to the party and contribute in any way possible.
Mr Bwalya said at a launch of his book “Zambia shall prosper II” in Lusaka today that he is game for Zambian presidency in the 2021 General Elections.

“I, Kelvin Fube Bwalya, will run for president of the republic of Zambia in 2021,” he said.
Mr Bwalya said President Edgar Lungu has run his race considerably well and now it is time to leave the leadership mantle to others.
“Let me be clear Mr President: you have done your best for our party and this country. You cannot do beyond your best. Kindly pass on the mantle of leadership to us…let us fight for you. Remove yourself and your team from this unnecessary fight. Take the wind out of the sail of the opposition. We shall do the fighting for the Patriotic Front. Without you as a target, the opposition will be lost. Their fight is personal,” he said.

“I make a serious appeal in this moment to my party, the Patriotic Front, its leadership and general membership, please hear me very clearly. I speak as a long serving, loyal and faithful member of the Patriotic Front.
Mr Bwalya said life has become very unbearable for Zambians, arguing that the welfare of every Zambian is the PF’s responsibility for as long as it is in government.
“We are the party in power, we are the party that asked the Zambian people to give us this mandate, we, are the party tasked by the Zambian people to correct the wrongs that we as a party may have made. For this, I apologise,” he said.
“We must accept that the quality of life and standard of living of the average Zambian has dropped to unacceptable levels and this cannot be allowed to continue.
Regardless of who you talk to about this country, be it the teachers, nurses, the farmers, the bus and taxi drivers, marketeers, the private sector working professionals, the car dealers, the youth, the police and business people in general. Life and living has become difficult.
Therefore we as the party in government must commit to ensuring that these needs are addressed forthwith,” he said.
Mr Bwalya said he has decided to bring forth his vision for Zambia and appealing to everyone to be involved.
He urged the party leadership to put pride aside and consider the suffering of the majority of the Zambian people.
Mr Bwalya regretted that the rule of law has been disregarded under the Patriotic Front regime.
“Part of the reason why so many things seem to have gone wrong is because we have disregarded good governance and allowed a breakdown in the rule of law. We have weakened our institutions of governance. We have destroyed our belief in our law enforcement organs. We are now labeled as a corrupt government because the rule of law has become selective in enforcement.
The rise of the untouchables, wanton thuggery and shielded corruption are happening under our watch while law enforcement agencies remain helpless.
The status and stature of this party does not warrant the fearful use of the public order act. We are better than this,” he said.
Mr Bwalya said as a Christian nation, the PF must always recognise and accept the fact that the church is the moral compass of the nation, saying the ruling party’s relationship with the church must be genuine, honourable, sincere and nonpolitical. We must embrace the church and realise its importance in our national development.
He added that the PF must create jobs for its citizens.
“Job creation is a complex and huge task. This is why in this book “Zambia must prosper II” I have discussed it extensively and shown how and where jobs can be created.
Job creation is a complex matter that requires well thought out implementation strategies. It is not a matter of coming up with wild figures: we must be able to show what kind of jobs we have created. We need permanent quality jobs for our people.
Currently, only 14.2 percent of the employable Zambians are in taxable employment. In Zambia must prosper II, I have argued how we can create 500,000 quality jobs annually,” he said.

He added: “Statistics tell us that our young people are the most vulnerable and are the majority job seekers. 82 percent of Zambians are aged 35 years and below. Out of our total population of about over 17 million, close to 14 million are in this bracket. We as a party have failed our youth, the future of this great nation. If we agree that the youth are the future, we must address this situation.
We must begin now to move towards having every youth in school or at work. This should be the youth agenda as clearly demonstrated in this book.”
Mr Bwalya urged all those who have left to rejoin the PF and contribute to its greater heights.
“I have sadly observed members of the Patriotic Front leave the party with some going on to form other political organisations. I appeal to all my brothers and sisters who have left the Patriotic Front to come back to the party. All the old members that have left and joined other political parties must come back to PF. All those who are on the fence must come back full-time and all those who wish to join as new members must freely do so.
I must remind all of us who went to the people and asked the people to give us the mandate as a party that if anything is wrong, it remains our collective responsibility to correct.
For this reason, as we deliberate on transforming Zambia; as we labour with clarity of purpose and unwavering conviction that it is time for Zambia’s prosperity, I present Zambia must prosper II, as the blueprint for Zambia’s rapid economic transformation.”