Resign To Save Face, Pilgrim Urges GBM


UPND’s washing of its dirty and smelly linen in public is now threatening to suffocate the innocent, coughing in the community has now began.

It is now clear that as far as the UPND is concerned, the fate of one GBM is sealed.

GBM must go.
The UPND does NOT want GBM in its ranks.

The emotional, premature and unconstitutional behaviour of UPND currently being displayed live on Prime TV is evidence of this decision by the UPND.

GBM has been given seven days to exculpate himself.

But way before GBM is heard by the NMC of the UPND, way before the seven days elapse, way before he submits his exculpatory or resignation letter, the UPND has lined up NMC members, the very jury which is mandated to objectively hear this matter, to publicly demonize, malign and discredit GBM.

Procedurally, this is wrong, dictatorial and unconstitutional. It is against the rules of natural justice.

Even if GBM is also wrong to hold a press briefing before he submits his resignation letter, the UPND needed to wait for the seven days to elapse.

What is currently on display is grossly immature, based on fear and an exhibition of desperation in self-defence.

Nonetheless, this is NOT at all surprising.

The verdict about GBM was made even before GBM was suspended.

Now there is only one way out for GBM.

To save face, GBM must NOW RESIGN.

Barring this, he will suffer the ignominy of being expelled.

And before he holds his press conference, he should first submit his letter of resignation to his political party.

This will reflect sobriety and maturity on his part.

Further, though his dirty and offensive boxers have now been put on the line by the UPND for the public to view and ridicule, should he opt to resign, GBM must NOT publicly share the UPND’s ‘secrets’ as it has been reported he is threatening to do.

He can do that ‘in camera/chambers’ with the appropriate State offices.

These then are the sad machinations of the only party in Zambia without a vice president, a development which reveals something utterly toxic at its centre, its core.

Keep your eyes peeled.
More is coming.

The gods are NOT happy.


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  1. teejay   April 23, 2019 at 1:30 pm

    The fifth column among us!!!!!