John General Doesn’t Use Magic, Sumaili is A Liar-Mumba

*Press Statement*

*24th April 2019*

As Spokesperson for Bishop John General and speaking as an ordained Reverend, I find it to be irrational and unfortunate for Religious Affairs AND Guidance Minister Rev. Godfridah Sumaili to claim that Bishop John General of Christ Impact Ministries uses magic to perform miracles.

We wish to state that it is highly unfortunate and sad that the Minister in-charge of the religious and National Guidance sector could demean a person that is under her ministry instead of siding and defending what the Lord is doing through men of God.

Bishop John General has over time performed miracles in full view of Church members and broadcast live on Miracle Impact television. And today we wonder why Rev. Sumaili should call those Miracles performed by the Bishop as “magic and deception” as that does not amount to that.

Rev. Sumaili should respect the works of the Lord through ordained men of God and desist from ridiculing them. We wonder what type of a Reverend she is considering that can go out antagonizing miracles performed by men of God.

What the Minister should know is that she should defamed the man of God and that was character assassination that will not be taken lightly. We therefore giving Minister Rev. Sumaili a 48-hour ultimatum to retract that malicious statement against the Bishop, failure to which, we shall take legal action against her. Because it is wrong for her to ridicule men and women under her Ministry.

We call on Republican President H. E Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu to be careful with the Ministers that surround him especially those that insulted late President Michael Sata when he was alive and now they are with the Patriotic Front. Some of these Ministers may not be with the Republican President as they may only want to financially benefit from him.

President Lungu, Please fire Rev. Sumaili, as she is a danger to your government through her acts of antagonizing and denting the image of men of God.


*Rev. Dr. Cozmo CK Mumba, Snr*
*Bishop John General Personal Spokesperson*
*Makeni, Lusaka*