All PF Members Should Be Loyal To The President And The Party

The Zambian DNA has noted with dismay how some elements within the PF are funning chaos, disregarding laid down procedure when expressing their grievances.
It is unfortunate that such a cartel which is working against President Edgar Lungu and destabilizing the party has emerged.
However, the emotional outburst against President Lungu and the party is tantamount to gross misconduct, indiscipline and disrespect for authority.
We expect the file and ranks of the PF to express their grievances via laid down procedure and refrain attacking the party leadership in the media.
It is also worth noting that members of the ruling party should strive to remain united and focused on delivering on the campaign promises and an inclusive development that does not leave anyone behind instead of fighting each other.
More so, the ruling party unlike the opposition enjoy the mandate to govern and the support of Zambians.
We advise party members to be loyal and protect, defend and support President Lungu and the current party leadership.
Further more, all PF members should focus their time, energies and resources on campaigning for President so that he and the PF retain power in 2021

Issued By: Spuki Mulemwa

Zambian DNA